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Calmer in Five

5 Minute Mojo is the evening counterpart to the popular podcast, ZEN commuter.  Much like it's big brother, it has the same goal; to help you become calmer and more purposeful.

The show is significantly shorter but helps listeners become more aware of why they do what they do.  How does it accomplish that task?  By asking you thought provoking questions that you would never ask yourself; introspective questions that, when answered, will help you uncover your subconscious motivations for the things you do, whether they move you forward or move you back.

You won't want to miss this evening inspiration podcast.  It will have you pulling into the driveway at the end of the day calmer and wiser.

Jul 31, 2018

Today I read an amazing blog post by Denise Conway, a yoga enthusiast and meditator who shares the pain she felt after having her heart broken, and what she did to be reborn.  It's an amazing story.  Come listen.

Jul 31, 2018

This week I thought I would give you a break and let you hear from people I value when it comes to calm.  Today, I read a great post from Zenhabits host, Leo Babauta,  He shares with you some concrete ways to arrive at a level of peace.  Come listen.

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Jul 27, 2018

Life can be challenging at times, but it never has to get to a point where you throw your hands up and give up.  Many people think that life is against them.  The truth is, you can bounce back from anything.  You can avoid becoming a victim, now and forever.  Lets talk about it.

Jul 26, 2018

Even if you haven't taken a relaxing shower, you know how soothing water can be.  And if you are able to put your preconceived notions behind, then you can access the sense of calm a relaxing bath can provide.  Today I talk about the benefits of a soothing soak.

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Jul 25, 2018

Do you want to know a huge energy waster?  It's trying to convince people that your way of living is the best.  You may have the best intentions in mind, but the sooner you realize that others will do what they choose to do, the sooner you become calmer.  Besides, your way is only best for you.

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